Hongtuo mainly produces honing stone and other honing tools as well as related auxiliary tools. We also offer grinding wheels, ultrathin cutting blades, and other superabrasive tools. Our honing tools can match with honing machines from world-renowned manufacturers, such as Sunnen, Nagel, Gehring, Nissin, Mas, Delapena, Kadia, etc.

1. Honing Tools
a. SN Series
The SN series mainly includes horizontal single stone honing tool, horizontal multi-stone honing tool, and vertical honing tool. These honing tools are designed for use with SUNNEN honing machines. They are widely applied in automotive engine manufacturing, sewing machine parts manufacturing, motorcycle parts manufacturing, aerospace device manufacturing, and other fields.

b. Cross-Hatch Series
This series includes single and dual feed honing heads with pneumatic measuring function. These honing heads can be mounted on the honing machines from Nagel, Gehring, and Sunnen. They are competent to hone cross-hatch for engine cylinder liner and such engine meets Euro III and Euro IV emission standards.

The universal vertical honing head is available in multiple sizes and it is specially designed for the Sunnen SV-300 series vertical honing machine.

c. Single-Pass Series
This series honing mandrel is available in a number of sizes and connection modes. They are widely used in the manufacturing of air conditioning compressor cylinder and valve.

d. Other Series
In addition to the above honing tools, there are other tools that are used for honing automotive oil pump nozzle and other workpiece.

2. Grinding Wheel
a. Resin Bond Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels
We can customize various special-shaped grinding wheels.

b. Vitrified Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels
Our vitrified diamond and CBN grinding wheels can match with honing machines from many foreign manufacturers (German KOPP, SCHADT, JUNKER, LANDIS; Japanese TOYODA; Korean AM, etc.)
Diamond dressing roller helps improve grinding efficiency and reduce costs.

3. Ultra-Thin Blade
a. Resin Series
(Maximize cutting efficiency; Processing object: quartz, glass and other brittle materials) b. Metal Series
(Extremely high wear resistance, suitable for the precision cutting and grooving of electronic components and optical elements)
c. Auxiliary Processing Tools for Electronic Industry
aa. Grinding Wheel for LED Substrate Thinning
(LED substrate thinning with superior grinding performance and high stability) bb. Porous Ceramic Tables
(Porous ceramic tables are used for wafer supporting and chucking in the process of thinning and cutting.)